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elegant series: batik malong / sarong

sweet fun series: batik sarong/malong

elegant, sweet fun and preview series: tubes and tank tops


the sarong/malong printing process

There are basically 3 methods used in printing malongs/sarongs:

1. 100% machine printed: normally used for production of mass produced designs. Duplication is achieved but there is no uniqueness to each piece.

2. 100% hand printed: as manual labour is involved, the end product is normally very expensive but unique.

3. a mix of machine printing and hand printing

The malongs/sarongs we have chosen for this collection are produced using method (3). Our team of designers chose the malongs/sarongs manufactured using this method because of 2 main reasons. The first reason is that we wanted to ensure that the rural artists who had such incredible talents for hand printing are given the means to pass on this talent to the younger generation who wanted to learn this skill. The second reason is because we wanted to bring to you, at an affordable and reasonable price, the real handmade product by the Javanese people who lived in the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia. We want to achieve a balanced mix of both quality and price in all aaooee|雅我意 products.

We seek your understanding that because this range of malongs/sarongs are machine dyed and partially hand printed, it is inevitable that the darker colors may, occasionally, run into the lighter colors of the sarong during the manufacturing process, resulting in small patch discoloration. This slight discoloration is unavoidable because of the manual steps involved in printing layer after layer. We hope to gain your support in appreciating the traditional way of manufacturing the sarong in rural countries. The uniqueness of every product is itself a guarantee of the authenticity of the sarong. Only machine mass produced products can guarantee 100% perfection, but distinctiveness is sacrificed in any machine duplication process.

Also, when you first touch our sarong, you may feel a layer of stiffness which is normal, and the result of a thin layer of non-toxic wax applied to the finished sarong to protect the exquisite print. The stiffness will wear off upon washing, and the sarong will remain in great condition with the colors and prints still bright and vivid, year after year!

exchange policies

Please read the above section on ""The Malong/Sarong Printing Process".

If for any reason, you feel that you are unable to reasonably accept our products (e.g. unacceptable extent of discoloration due to the unique handmade manufacturing process), please contact your country representative and let her know your concerns. We can only accept returns that are in their original packaging and condition. aaooee|雅我意 will entertain reasonable requests for product exchanges, but there is strictly no cash/monetary refunds.

If you have already washed your garment, we apologise but we are unable to entertain returns or exchanges.


New purchases

1. Contact your country representative and indicate the "product code" of the garment you are interested in purchasing. Your country representative will advise availability of stock.
2. Make payment according to the instructions given by your country representative.
3. Once payment is cleared, the goods will be air-mailed to you from either Singapore or China, depending on stock availability. It will normally take 6 - 10 working days for the goods to reach you.
4. International postal rates will be borne by aaooee|雅我意.
4. The Singapore or China representative will email you a scanned copy of the delivery advice.


1. Contact your country representative and let her know your concerns. Your country representative will advise availability of stock for exchange. If the color/design you want is out of stock, we will send a different color (but of the same series) to you.
2. Your country representative will advise you on the address to return the defective garment. All international/return postal charges will be borne by you.
3. Once the defective garment is received by our aaooee|雅我意 office, we will arrange to send the replacement garment to you. It will normally take 6 - 10 working days for the goods to reach you. International/Local postal rates will be borne by aaooee|雅我意.